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Project Information


Team Spirit aims to be a Club Membership Management System. It allows member, agenda and resources management. There is a specialized versions available for musical club (TeamSpirit::Musical). It manages members, rehearsals, concerts, scores, etc.

What is this project?

This project aims to provide:

Some future cool and fun stuff :-)

Do you have any more feature requests?

Just contact us and we'll make a feature request for you!

How is this all available?

The system is based on Java EE technology and is separated in:

Why this project?

Motivation to start this project:

Member management

Everyone who's member of a club of any kind knows what it takes a lot of time and effort to have proper member management.
Some like a simple member management using some kind of spreadsheet or a simple database. Others have their own web-based implementation.

Agenda management

But that is one part of the management tasks. In many clubs you have to keep track of your scheduled events (rehearsals, competition, concert, fun-events, ...)
And I hear you coming, you also want to know which members are joining the events, don't you ;-)

Why not a simple spreadsheet?

Of course a simple spreadsheet is ok in many cases, but it gives no guarantee that everyone uses the latest up-to-date information. Maybe we have two modified versions at the same time and when time passes (as everyone knows) one of the 2 spreadsheets gets lost...

So let's use a database?

Yeah, it solves the latest up-to-date information issue.
But what about the user interface? Is everybody in your club familiar with databases? Can we access the data from our website without having to write too much and/or double code?
And still when the data is modified at the same time, we may have lost changes from the one or the another update...

How does TeamSpirit solve this?

There are not much open-source alternatives available for flexible and user-friendly club management.


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